Web, TV Tops Among Consumers

NEW YORK The Internet and television are the most popular media among 18- to 54-year-olds, with nearly 45.6 percent of respondents from a study released today citing the Web as their No. 1 media choice and 34.6 percent rating TV as their top pick.

The study, conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates on behalf of the Online Publishers Association, examined how different media compare across generations on a range of attitudinal measures.

In addition to being the most-liked media, the Net and TV are also the most frequently used in the 18-54-age range. Forty-one percent of the survey’s 1,235 respondents reported using the Web (exclusive of e-mail, instant messenger and chat) between 2-5 hours a day, while 52 percent said they watched TV as much.

The study found that the Internet is the only medium with net growth in perceived time spent, with 47 percent indicating that they spend more time online now compared to one year ago. Conversely, 25 percent said they play less video and PC games, and 28 percent said they view less TV.

Not surprisingly, consumers log on to the Web more for informational purposes, and watch TV more for entertainment and relaxation. Seventy-three percent of respondents said the Internet helps them keep up with topics of interest to them, while 65 percent said it provides them with useful information about products and services. Eighty-six percent said they watch TV for entertainment, with 65 percent indicating that it’s their way to relax.

Other findings of note: 83 percent said reading a story on the Net is the same or better than reading one in a newspaper, and 67 percent said that watching a short video clip online is the same or better than watching highlights on TV. Longer-format videos, however, compare less favorably online, with 63 percent still believing that television is better for content of this nature.