Waylon Rolls Out Energy Drink

Indianapolis is the next target market for caffeine-spiked Dynamite Energy Drink, backed by advertising from Waylon Ad in St. Louis.
The Energy Drinks Group of Lake Forest, Ill., purchased the U.S. rights to distribute Dynamite from its European maker and assigned ad duties to Waylon earlier this year.
The drink is targeted at everyone from health club habituƒs to nightclubbers to college students as an energy boost, said Jim Palumbo, president of Waylon Ad.
The first test market was St. Louis, where print ads have appeared in alternative and college publications, touting Dynamite under the tagline “One potent energy drink.”
“We wanted to make it relevant for a young adult mind-set,” said Kipp Monroe, creative director for the ads. “What we’re trying to infer is that Dynamite gets you off the couch, lets you cut the strings of a low-energy lifestyle.”
The ads illustrate the point humorously. One shows an empty birdcage, with two of its tiny bars stretched wide where the cooped-up bird broke through. Another shows a well-worn but empty couch; a third features a puppet cutting its strings.
With distribution in Indianapolis set for later this year, Energy Drinks is planning to market the product in supermarkets as well as nightclubs and health clubs, Palumbo said.