America’s oldest tire company kicked off its first image campaign last week to mark its almost 100 years in the business of making tires.
The Kelly-Springfield Tire Co., a Cumberland, Md.-based Goodyear subsidiary, made the first successful rubber horse carriage tire in 1894 and since then has become one of the largest makers of aftermarket tires for cars, trucks and tractors.
The campaign, which features print and 30-second spot TV, takes a look at life 100 years ago when Mr. Kelly started his business in Springfield, Ohio.
One print ad shows a picture of a horse and carries the headline, ‘When we started making tires, this was the closest thing to a car.’ Another ad shows a carriage that has broken down in the middle of a muddy road, the wheels half-submerged. The headline reads ‘When we started making tires for highway driving, this was a highway.’
Marcus Advertising, Cleveland, created the campaign.
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