Ward Taps L/C For Creative Work

The tagline introduced in DDB Needham Chicago’s most recent campaign for retailer Montgomery Ward & Co. turned out to be prophetic.
That campaign, using the line “We’re changing everything to change your mind,” made its debut on Sept. 8. Three weeks later, Ward announced it had parted with Needham and moved creative development responsibilities on the $40-50 million account to Laughlin/Constable, whose Chicago and Milwaukee offices will jointly handle the business. Quantum Media in Chicago continues to have media placement responsibilities.
A Ward representative confirmed the hiring of L/C but declined further comment. Ward chief executive officer Roger Goddu issued a statement praising Needham’s latest campaign as “excellent,” but explaining that “Wards has established a different direction for the company’s marketing and advertising.” Sources indicated Ward is seeking more retail-focused, product-and-price adver- tising rather than the brand image work Needham favored.
Needham officials declined comment on the split with Ward.