Wal-Mart Touts Pharmacies

CHICAGO Independent agency Bernstein-Rein uses animation to turn prescription drugs into everyday objects (and roomy play spaces) in a campaign for Wal-Mart’s pharmacy department.

In work breaking this week, the Bentonville, Ark., retailer targets moms and seniors. The push includes a pair of TV spots, as well as radio, print, outdoor and online executions.

One spot presents CGI-animated pills of different types (gel caps, capsules, etc.) configured as flowers, playground equipment and a glass of lemonade. “I think the best prescription in life is having a few extra minutes to enjoy it,” a voiceover says. “So when I pick up my prescriptions at Wal-Mart, I’m picking up a few extra minutes in my day.”

A second commercial shows seniors inside larger-than-life animated pills, enjoying leisure activities like gardening, bike riding and golf.

The theme line is, “So go ahead, script your life.”

Steele in Santa Monica, Calif., handled animation chores. Imaginary Forces in New York worked on the senior-targeted spot.

The campaign showcases Wal-Mart’s pharmacies in an effort to get customers to view them as places to get more than over-the-counter drugs, said Mark Tribble, an account director at Kansas City, Mo.-based Bernstein-Rein.

“From the consumer side we want to put [the department] top of mind for prescriptions,” Tribble said. “We already have mom in the store, but she may not think of Wal-Mart as a first place to fill prescriptions. You’re already here for your Tylenol, why not go six more feet for your prescriptions.”

Spending on the effort was not disclosed.

Wal-Mart spent $570 million in paid media advertising last year, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

The company is currently reviewing its advertising account. Bernstein-Rein and Wal-Mart’s other main roster shop, GSD&M in Austin, Texas, are defending.