Vogt/Wein Launches Oxford Plan

Vogt/Wein adopts apolitical stance to sell a service inits newest campaign for Oxford Health Plans.

The Westport, Conn., shop places actual plan customers in the print and television campaign. The work promotes Oxford Medicare Advantage, an insurance program for seniors recently introduced by the Trumbull, Conn.-based client.

The campaign idea arose from recent debates in Congress regarding Medicare reimbursement rates to healthcare providers. With higher levels of reimbursement, “more [insurance] companies can go in more areas to offer more value to seniors,” said Jeff Vogt, executive creative director at the 20-person shop.

In one 60-second spot, customers make statements such as “I demand 100 percent hospitalization,” “I deserve prescription drug coverage” and “I refuse to pay a monthly plan premium.” A narrator says, “These people are not part of a grassroots movement. They are members of a health plan called Oxford Medicare Advantage.”

The spot, along with a similar 30-second version, is running on network and cable TV stations in the New York metro area.

Similar print ads are running in the New York Post, the New York Daily News and community newspapers throughout the city’s five boroughs. The first execution shows a close-up shot of a man’s face and reads, “I demand unlimited generic drug coverage.” Additional ads will launch later this month; all carry the tagline, “This is not a grassroots movement. This is my health plan.”

Media spending is estimated at $1.5 million. Public relations, direct mail and collateral are also in the mix. Outdoor ads are a possibility later this year.

Previous ads for the client, which Vogt/Wein picked up in 1993, carried the tag, “There is another way,” and touted Oxford’s commitment to high standards across the services it provides.

This is Vogt/Wein’s first ad campaign for Oxford’s Medicare Advantage program.