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David Lubars

I think martin scorsese once said that it doesn’t bother him if you don’t like one of his movies, he just hates to hear a lengthy tome about why. A movie is visceral, he reasoned; either you like it or you don’t, and it doesn’t matter why. I feel that way about a lot of commercials. So instead of analyzing the spots Adweek sent me for this month’s review, I thought I’d just viscerally react to them:

Little Caesars Scientists in Scotland invent cloning and celebrate with a pizza (above, left).

Reaction: Hilarious, another home run.

Borgess Health Alliance Uses Wieden & Kennedy-era Subaru floating-type treatment.

Reaction: Should I change the baby’s diaper or should I pretend not to notice and see if my wife will do it?

Sprite Agent tries to get Grant Hill to star in a soap, write a book and make a record to build his image.

Reaction: The strategy punches through in every execution of this excellent campaign and each spot tops the one before.

New York Lottery Golfer misses putt, but crowd and announcer go nuts anyway because it was ‘close enough!’

Reaction: A very surprising and neat way to show how you can win game just by being close (above, right).

BMW Hawk is chasing a dove. Dove lands in BMW and driver helps it escape.

Reaction: I really like the BMW work, but this one doesn’t kill me because Honda and Nissan have done bird spots.

Budweiser Guy sitting in the bleachers gets hit on the head with a home-run ball because he won’t let go of his beers.

Reaction: That was entertaining. (Two days later: That was entertaining and memorable.)

America’s Health Network A Sedelmaier knockoff.

Reaction: How did that nick get on the coffee table, anyway?

Coors Bar-band guitar player meets legend Les Paul.

Reaction: This is the first Coors spot I’ve ever not disliked.

ESPN Stanley Cup Parody of Fargo has police examining body of dead hockey player.

Reaction: Good actors, funny and restrained.

Saturn Saturn workers feel proud that their cars are being exported to Japan.

Reaction: Usual nice job.

Lifesavers Jamaican-sounding jingle plays over animated Lifesavers falling into fruit and water.

Reaction: This client would hate me.

David Lubars is chief executive officer, chief creative officer at BBDO West in Los Angeles. His accounts include Apple Computers, MGM/UA, Dodge, Solaris, LA Cellular, Northrup Grumman, and Best Western.

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