Virtual Reality Can’t Compete

The coolest hero in cyberspace can’t compete with a crisp fall afternoon in Margeotes/Fertitta + Partners’ new promo spot for the National Football League.
The spot begins by introducing Zortrac (shown here), a mighty superhero who slays an evil creature named Wrektor in a cosmic space battle. After the skirmish, the camera pulls back from Zortrac’s universe to reveal that he is a video game hero who must play second fiddle to flag football, which a group of kids are playing outside.
“I fear nothing,” he says. “Well, except when the kids are outside and I’m stuck in here.”
By the end of the 30-second spot, Zortrac promises anyone who plays with him that he’ll let them win.
“It’s a classic bait-and-switch ad,” said John Pearson, group creative director at the agency. By speaking kids’ visual language, the ad grabs their attention and shows them a world outside their computer monitor, he said.
The spot, part of the NFL’s “Feel the power” campaign, runs during free airtime on the league’s ABC, ESPN, CBS and Fox broadcasts.
–Justin Dini