Virtual Reality Is Becoming the Next Great Storytelling Canvas

Brands use it to strengthen consumer relationships

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The culture gap between marketers and today's progressive new media consumer continues to expand in ways that suggest the current era of radical behavioral disruption is far from over. Today's hyperbolic social news cycle, saturated with Snapchat filters and Brexit remorse, fuels this reality by absorbing massive amounts of audience time and attention. As the dust settles in this post-apocalyptic, mobile-first marketplace, the time for radical acceptance is here. Brands, publishers and content creators are now faced with the inevitable truth that engaging audiences predictably in this fractured media environment has been permanently altered. That said, it's in these unique moments of reflection where brilliance can emerge. It's time now to reset and reimagine the future of storytelling through mobile experiences that are emotionally immersive, culturally aware and embrace a renewed spirit of creative invention and curiosity. In virtual reality we may have already found the next great storytelling canvas, enabling an entirely new interpretation and expression of the brand experience.