Violent Backlash

Washington State University got a little more than it bargained for when it challenged Idaho-based Hanna & Associates to create an ad campaign that would get its Cougars football team noticed.
The agency developed what were supposed to be humorous TV and radio ads that used the tagline, “Boycott TV violence. Come see the Cougs in person.”
The campaign drew angry protests from some fans who complained that the ads glorify violence. One particular radio ad was singled out as insulting to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. In it, a woman claiming to represent Mothers Against Mediocre Entertainment bemoaned TV violence, suggesting that it’s better to see the rough stuff in person on the Cougar gridiron.
The ads were pulled about a week before they were supposed to end. The TV spots have been replaced by more “traditional” ads, and the tagline has been dropped, according to Dayne Hanna, president of the Coeur d’Alene agency. No radio ads are currently airing. Attendance is up at Cougar games, Hanna notes, but it could be due to the team’s winning streak.
–Angela Dawson