Users Tuning in to Web Radio

With the growing popularity of Web radio sites, it should come as little surprise that visitors (especially office-bound workers), are turning off their transistor radios and logging on to radio sites. MeasureCast, a Portland, Ore., Web measurement firm, reports that Net radio has enjoyed a 60 percent increase in listener hours since January 2001, and an 8 percent increase since the same period from the previous week. Although online radio ad revenue is reportedly down (along with the rest of the advertising sector), listeners don’t seem to be following suit. Net radio listeners have spread the wealth too, boosting listener hours this week over last for 21 stations on MeasureCast’s top 25 stations list. –Sid Ross

Data Points: March 19-25

Top 3 Radio Stations
Rank, Station, TTSL*
1. (Internet only), 97,322
2. (New York), 76,360
3. (London), 63,650

Other Top Stations
Rank, Station, TTSL*
5. (Internet-only), 49,594
10. (Minneapolis), 38,979
15. (Washington), 25,905
20. (Los Angeles), 18,112
25. (Minneapolis), 14,056

First Time Top Rated Station
Rank, Station, TTSL*
17. (Long Island, N.Y.), 22,462
Source: MeasureCast

*TTSL: (Total Time Spent Listening) is the total number of hours streamed by the broadcaster in the reported time period.