to Offer Audience Segmentation

NEW YORK has launched a new program that will help advertisers target different segments of the Web property’s audience from “armchair athletes” to “e-fluentials.”

The program will use Tacoda Systems’ Audience Management System to combine demographic and behavioral user data. The data is used to create profiles of Web site visitors; the profiles can be grouped together into audience segments, enabling marketers to target precisely. Other Tacoda clients include The Weather Channel’s, CondeNet and Tribune Interactive. has created seven pre-packaged segments using gender, household income and ZIP code data in conjunction with recent behavioral information on the site. Five segments are based on the behavior a customer exhibits while reading the online newspaper: “bulls and bears” (self-directed investors), “lookers and bookers” (travelers), “armchair athletes” (male sports fans), “e-fluentials” (technology early adopters) and “tire-kickers” (auto buyers). Two segments are based on self-reported demographic data: women and affluent households.

Additionally, will allow advertisers to combine the specific behavior and/or demographics they are targeting to craft their own segment.