UPS “Logistics”

“We [heart] logistics.” Tough tagline to turn into a catchy, repeatable slogan. UPS launched a global campaign this week replacing “What can Brown do for you?” It took a bit for that old line to catch on, and maybe that will be the case with its successor, but the word “logistics” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. That’s why the agency decided to hitch it onto one of the most recognizable songs in the world, “That’s Amore.” Alas, the original lyrics celebrating the elation of love have been stripped of all passion: “When it’s planes in the sky, for a chain of supply, that’s logistics.” The graphic treatment — zippy arrows and animated hearts float around much “loved” packages — lends much needed energy and whimsy to otherwise expected delivery-related scenes. The song will be presented in various languages around the world, but after heavy media play, this could be one ad that some might just want to pack up and ship elsewhere.–Eleftheria Parpis