United Talent Plays in Content Space

NEW YORK United Talent Agency has formed a company dedicated to the branded entertainment space. Jarrod Moses, former CEO of brand-building firm Alliance, will head United Entertainment Group.

“I wanted to include not only the world of branded entertainment, but also the world of equity,” said Moses. “We’re going to be creating branded entertainment programs, and also owning these deals with the brands on an ongoing basis.”

UEG will operate as an autonomous firm and attempt to make deals across all entertainment entities, including other talent companies, such as Creative Artist Agency, International Creative Management and William Morris.

The company will be based in New York. “We have to be part of the advertising community, we have to be a part of the media-buying community and we have to be a part of the brand community. They do not live in Hollywood. They all live here,” said Moses.

The company will focus on these areas: developing products and services between brands and entertainment properties; branded entertainment, covering integration programs for film, TV, music, live events, video gaming and publishing; building franchises that will translate into yearly income for clients; and consulting on long-term and marketing projects.

After shaping the initial idea, UEG will then take concepts to the entertainment sector to create appropriate partnerships.

The company will service clients in the U.S., Western Europe and Asia. How the money gets divided depends on the nature of each individual deal, said Moses.

“The entertainment and marketing industries are continuing to converge at a relentless pace. We want to offer clients and brands the most meaningful opportunity to create and build equity in this space,” said Peter Benedek, UTA co-founder and partner.