Union Planters: All for One

ATLANTA-Eager to establish a unified image in the financial marketplace, Union Planters Bank for the first time will break a multimillion dollar advertising campaign in seven states next Monday. The Ramey Agency’s Jackson, Miss., and Memphis, Tenn., offices created the television, radio, newspaper and outdoor campaign.
Chris Ray, vice president and managing officer for The Ramey Agency in Memphis, said the shop approached the assignment from the point of view of customers, many of whom, the agency found, know little about managing their personal finances.
Each of three TV spots features real people who are experts in their fields. “Surgeon,” for example, depicts a woman who is a top ophthalmologist in her region, yet she has no clue about how to start her own practice. Enter Union Planters. “We realize there are things you know and things you don’t,” says the voiceover. “We can help with the things you don’t.” Two other commercials, “Lineman” and “Mom,” take similar approaches. All three end with the tag, “Solution: Union Planters Bank.”
Ray hopes the campaign will “paint Union Planters as a little bit more accessible.” Historically, the $15 billion Memphis-based Union Planters Corp.-holding company of Union Planters Bank-has been a decentralized organization, according to Ray, with separately chartered branches in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee. “This is the first time in [the bank’s history] that all of the Union Planters Banks . . . have banded together,” said Ray.
He emphasized that advertising is just part of Ramey’s “overall major branding initiative,” which includes developing in-branch kiosks.
Campaign credits include creative director Shawn Wood, copywriter Randy Lynn, art director Michael Kristof, broadcast producer Lesa Baird, director Louis Koerner and production firm Morrison Productions.