unhappy camper fires back

Not all shops are breaking down consultants’ doors to be included in new-business pitches.
Case in point: neoBrands, San Francisco and Irvine, Calif., an Internet marketing specialist that apparently grew dissatisfied with the procedures and pace offered by Pile and Co., the agency consulting firm in Boston.
neoBrands founder Chip Shafer recently e-mailed the following missive to Pile and Co.: “Please remove … neoBrands from your agency database and accept our withdrawal from the … pitch. These onerous, multi-round, drawn-out reviews are so-o-o 20th century. We’ve concluded that we wouldn’t want any client who took this approach to selecting a partner. We just don’t have time for the mating dance.”
neoBrands has handled assignments for Cox Communications, J.D. Edwards and numerous dot.com companies; with office openings on tap for New York and Austin, Texas, the staff is simply too busy to jump through Pile’s hoops, Shafer said.
Pile and Co. chairman Skip Pile said he will gladly remove neoBrands’ from consideration in any future reviews and pull their free listing from his database. For the record, some notable companies currently taking the Pile approach to finding new marketing partners are Charles Schwab & Co., McDonald’s and A.T. Cross.
–David Gianatasio