Underground Writes GM Message Across U.S.

ATLANTA A small shop in Baltimore is rolling out a national billboard campaign for General Motors, one word at a time.

Since Jan. 14, Underground has been putting one word a day on billboards from California to New York. The message will be completed Jan. 30 with each word in a different city. It ends with a period on a billboard in New York’s Times Square.

So far, the message reads, “This is the [two words missing] you will ever have to [two words missing] on our nation’s roadways.” The first word was placed on a billboard in San Francisco, followed by a word in Los Angeles; Phoenix; Arlington, Texas; Shreveport, La.; Jackson, Miss.; Montgomery, Ala.; Atlanta; Raleigh, N.C.; Richmond, Va.; and Washington, D.C.

“We needed the entire country as a palette,” said Jonathon Helfman, associate creative director at Underground.

The complete message will be available after Jan. 30 on the Web site, www.findthemessage.com.

The campaign was one of several ideas the agency pitched to GM last year and the first of two projects the car manufacturer assigned the shop, said Eric Hartsock, president and creative director of Underground. He declined to release details of the second project.

Underground is owned by independent Eisner Communications of Baltimore.