TVN Touts Digital Cable

Friedland Jacobs Targets Trade, Consumers
LOS ANGELES–Friedland Jacobs Communications’ new campaign for TVN Entertainment Corp. targets the cable industry as well as consumers.
The consumer effort, which consists of two 30-second TV spots and direct mail, broke last month. The ads feature a spiky-haired young spokesman discussing the advantages the digital cable TV provider offers.
In the first spot, “Perspective,” he tells the viewer how to get “more through cable” with TVN’s expanded channels and improved picture quality. The second, “Itty Bitty Dish,” suggests TVN is better than satellite TV, and shows the spokesman flicking a small dish off the screen. There is no tagline.
“A unique service requires a unique advertising approach,” said Scott Friedland, chief executive of Burbank, Calif.-based Friedland Jacobs. “TVN has built a highly innovative content and delivery system for cable operators and viewers alike, and our advertising effort needed to reflect that.”
The trade campaign consists of print ads, sales kits, direct mail and brochures. The ads highlight Burbank-based TVN’s service as the only one to offer near video-on-demand digital programming and increased channel capacity through cable’s current physical infrastructure.
The agency, which specializes in entertainment and technology clients, won the estimated $5 million account last October.