Creatives marvel at how Apple advertising hit a new high this year. ‘It wasn’t because it had computer animation, or moving type, or an announcer with attitude,’ says Goldberg Moser O’Neill/S.F.’s Brian O’Neill. ‘The reason was it was emotionally relevant.’ Indeed, the dialogue – in the spot featuring two businessmen fumbling through the Microsoft Windows’ manual, for example – flows with such ear-stopping authenticity that we think we’re listening to a real conversation. ‘The Apple voice, when we hit it, is really one of my favorite voices of advertising,’ says Chris Wall, the 37-year-old worldwide creative director and copywriter on the account at BBDO Los Angeles. That voice, according to Wall, comes out of a copywriting team that knows a great deal about the product – and likes it – coupled with an ability to explain the basics to the uninformed viewer, ‘without making that viewer feel stupid.’
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