TV Ads Tout BayInsider

Hampel/Stefanides here contrasts life in the Bay Area with that of small-town America in a new TV campaign promoting Cox Interactive Media’s Web site. It is the shop’s first work for the Atlanta-based client.
The three 30-second spots, initially appearing only on San Francisco’s Fox affiliate, KTVU/Fox 2, pose the question: “Aren’t you glad you live in the Bay Area?” The tagline for the campaign is, “It’s all about the Bay.” Four more spots are in production.
“The campaign is based on the simple idea that people who live in the Bay Area love it,” said Moe VerBrugge, art director for Hampel/Stefanides. “What the spots do is remind people that we live in a very special and exciting place.”
The campaign features the Iowa towns of Zearing, Liscomb and Buckeye. According to VerBrugge, the agency’s creative team took a “guerrilla” approach to create man-on-the-street minidocumentaries, filming as many different people and scenes as they could.
In Zearing, the camera crew finds a boy delivering papers on his mountain bike. Asked where the best place is for mountain biking, the boy takes the visitors to a flat, frozen corn field, where he attempts–unsuccessfully–to cycle over the icy ground. The Web site then flashes on the screen, showing viewers how to access sporting information in the Bay Area.
Hampel/Stefanides won the $2 million account last September.