Turn Away From Evil

With all the ruckus about condom ads lately, we naturally wanted to see what the Australians had to say. And many of them aren’t happy.

In the town of Strathfield, a condom maker called Four Seasons recently put up a billboard showing condoms of varying dimensions along with the somewhat suggestive line “Comes in three sizes.” The ad may not have caused much of a stir if St. Andrew’s Anglican church wasn’t a few yards away.

“I think [condoms are] a very discreet, private thing, and advertising [them] next to a church is in extremely bad taste,” Rev. John Woo of St. Andrew’s told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“I am not against advertising condoms, [but it’s] highly inappropriate, grossly offensive to put such a huge billboard up next to a church,” added John Murphy, the region’s member of parliament. “And with the words ‘Comes in three sizes’—you don’t have to be Einstein to get what it’s coming at.”

Woo filed a complaint with the country’s Advertising Standards Board, but was rebuffed, although the ensuing rancor may lead the ASB to reconsider. The client, though, remains unperturbed. “We did not set out to deliberately offend anyone,” said a representative. “It is circumstantial. … We feel it is a responsible and well-handled advertisement.”