Tufts Goes Beyond the Basics

Gearon Hoffman’s latest work for Tufts Health Plan uses humor to focus on client offerings that go beyond the basics of managed healthcare.

Breaking this week on regional cable and broadcast outlets are four 15-second television commercials that serve as brief informative skits, each highlighting a different program or service offered by Tufts.

One execution, titled “Stair Master,” shows an overweight young man struggling to climb the stairs in his apartment building—a task that proves to be no challenge for his elderly neighbor. “Tufts Health Plan members save quite a bit at health clubs. Ciao!,” she says, jogging easily up the steps without becoming winded.

In another spot, “Breakfast Table,” a young mother’s blurry vision makes it difficult for her to read the morning newspaper. She frantically adjusts the paper, spilling the milk in the process. “Tufts Health Plan members can save a ton on glasses,” her school-age daughter informs her from across the table as their cat laps up the mess on the floor.

The effort brings back the tagline, “No one does more to keep you healthy,” which was used in Tufts’ ads for nearly a decade until last year, when it was replaced by “Dedicated to a higher standard.”

The newer line was used in ads that mainly dealt with the quality of Tufts’ healthcare. While such positioning was important, agency and client opted to return to the older line because it offered more flexibility, said Bob Hoffman, president of Boston-based Gearon Hoffman. “It’s got lots of legs,” Hoffman said, and can be used to indicate an entire range of programs and services.

Dick Davis and Doug Goransson served as creative directors, also handling art direction and copy, respectively. Chace Strickland directed; Dave Lombardi was agency producer.

Radio, print and an updated Web site are also elements of the latest campaign.

The client spends $2-3 million annually on ads.