Trumpet Touts HMO

In a new television, print and radio campaign breaking in markets across Louisiana, The OATH asks patients to ponder what they fear most: getting sick or having to deal with their HMO.

The $3 million campaign, created by Trumpet of New Orleans, featuresa series of humorous broadcast spots showing people go-ing to extraordinary lengths to protect themselves from injury or illness.

In one of five vignettes, a man suits up in bubble wrap on his way to work. A mother perches in a lifeguard tower over her son’s wading pool and a young couple make do with an imagined kiss to avoid any germs in two other scenarios.

In another amusing scene, a father warns his children, who are playing Frisbee dressed in full body armor. “Kids be careful with that,” he calls. He adds to himself with a shudder, “It’s a flying disc!”

The campaign tagline is: “Scared of an injury—or just scared of your HMO?”

The new work is the second series produced by Trumpet for the client, a division of Venture Health Partnership Group.

“In the first campaign, we acknowledged the global problems of the industry,” said Trumpet partner Jim Gradl. “We’ve evolved that basic idea, and now we’re focusing on specific fears consumers have. First and foremost is a fear of getting tangled up in what has been the Twilight Zone of managed care.”

Creative credits go to director Jim Jenkins, executive producer Caroline Gibney and New York production house Hungry Man.