True Colors

The One Show in New York is more than just a showcase for stunning creative. It is often a vehicle for up-and-coming copywriters, art directors and others to strut their stuff and find better jobs.
Recognizing this, Venice, Calif., freelance creative boutique Robaire and Hogshead crafted this year’s invite with the emotions of their fellow hard-working creatives in mind.
The piece (shown here) is styled as a Pantone wheel, but with the color names replaced by emotions ranging from “Envy” and “Venom” for the greens to “Irritation” and “Tantrum” for the reds. In the metallic (winners) category, bronze is “Promotion,” silver garners the “Window Office” and gold gets you “Goodby on Line 2.”
“At first they said we shouldn’t do any concepts around sex, drugs or death. And we thought to ourselves, ‘What’s left?'” said the shop’s principal and co-creative director, Sally Hogshead, who collaborated on the invite with partner and co-CD Jean Robaire, art director Kyle Mitchell and copywriter Josh Bloomberg.
–Teresa Buyikian