Truck Stop

Qantas Airways has extended a campaign featuring an unusual means of mobile outdoor advertising–a converted dump truck.
The novel idea of dressing up the truck to carry the airline’s message about its new nonstop service between Los Angeles and New Zealand originated at Santa Monica, Calif.-based agency Fraser/Young.
“We came up with a couple of traditional concepts,” recalls the agency’s public relations account services director, Lynn Hackman. “Then [creative/art director] Dino Santilli came up with the truck idea.”
Santilli worked on the campaign with creative director Cary Sacks and copywriter Rob Schraff.
The truck’s bed is filled with stop signs, and posters on the sides of the vehicle announce, “We’ve pulled out all the stops to New Zealand.”
The truck has made frequent appearances at Los Angeles International Airport and UCLA football games, among other places.
The campaign, initially slated for a two-week run in October, has been extended through the end of the year.
–Angela Dawson