Trone Adds Top Talent

Recruits Ayer’s Feinberg as Creative Chief
ATLANTA–Trone Advertising last week recruited Stephen Feinberg to bolster its senior management team, naming him to the post of executive vice president and chief creative officer of the agency.
Separately, the agency is breaking the first television commercial in a planned series to support the launch of Canandaigua Wine Co.’s Mystic Cliffs brand.
Feinberg was recruited to the Greensboro, N.C., agency from his post as executive creative director at the New York office of N.W. Ayer. In his 20-year advertising career, he has worked with clients like AT&T, Continental Airlines, General Motors and Procter & Gambler, among others.
Feinberg connected with Trone Advertising officials through a mutual acquaintance, though he had considered the option of leaving New York before the overture from North Carolina was made.
“I had thought about it for a very long time,” Feinberg said. “My wife and I even had a code for it. We called it ‘Plan B.’ It was our code for hours of soul searching.”
In addition to lifestyle issues, Feinberg was impressed with the agency’s capabilities and a client list that includes accounts such as Can-andaigua, Jefferson Pilot Financial and WinStar, among others.
“The people here are very smart and have a good sense of what they are about,” he said.
Feinberg’s arrival, Trone Advertising officials said, does not affect the status of Ron Irons, who will continue in his role as executive vice president and creative director.
For the Mystic Cliffs product introduction, budgeted at $35 million over an 18-month period, the agency has created a television spot that takes viewers “into the label” on the wine bottle.
The TV spot opens on a shot of a couple enjoying glasses of wine in front of a fire. As the camera zooms in on the wine bottle, the label seemingly comes to life. Viewers follow a soaring hawk as it comes down off the cliffs and flies over vine-covered fields. The hawk then returns to a house overlooking the ocean and the couple seen at the beginning of the commercial.
The media buy will include prime time programming on NBC and cable television venues including CNN Headline News, A&E, ESPN and The Discovery Channel.
Production credits include creative director Irons, art director Julie Stanton, copywriter Mike Turner, agency producers Richard Berke and Kelli White and director David Wagreich.