Train posters push metro

Newly unveiled posters tout the Boston Metro as a quick, comprehensive read for commuters on Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority trains.

About 500 posters appear on cars along the MBTA’s Green Line; Metro may expand the campaign later this year to other subway lines, according to publisher Russel Pergament. Omega Advertising, Boston, handles the assignment for Metro.

One poster shows a dog carrying a newspaper in its mouth alongside one of Metro’s now-ubiquitous news boxes. Copy reads, “There’s a better way to get the news,” and ends with the tag, “All the news you need to know.”

“It’s clean, lighthearted, informative and easy to read,” Pergament said. “And it reflects Metro’s philosophy.”

Metro launched in early May as a free alternative to the Boston Herald and The Boston Globe, targeting commuters in their 20s who hadn’t previously read a newspaper daily. Parent company Metro International of Stockholm, Sweden, publishes 20 papers, mainly in Europe.