Some ads succeed or fail depending on how they manage transitions. That’s where this one falls short. It’s introducing a gas/electric hybrid car that emits little pollution. The text starts with four sentences few of us would take exception to. “It’s easy to forget that we share this world we live in. To appreciate the beauty of life, one simply has to look into the eyes of a child. Smile at a playful squirrel. Or listen to the soft chirping of a bird.” We’re ready at this point for a subtle transition from sentiment to sales pitch. Instead, the next sentence launches into the hard sell, breaking the spell: “Introducing the world’s first mass-produced gas/electric hybrid vehicle—a vehicle created as much for the environment as it is for you.” Coming right after the paean to cuddly animals, the boastful tone and industrial lingo jar the ear. What of the notion that “nature will find a way to thank you” if you buy a Prius? Eco-conscious consumers want to see themselves as benefactors of the natural world. But that’s undercut by the emphasis on what nature will do for them.Agency

Saatchi & Saatchi, Toronto


Toyota Canada,

Scarborough, Ont.

Creative Director

Bruce McKay

Creative Director/


Henry Wong

Art Director

Marco Parisella


Miles Markovich


Terry Collier