Tourism Office Contacts Agencies

NEW YORK-With its one-year contract with Colle + McVoy nearing expiration, the Turkish Tourist Office last week sent RFPs to more than 10 shops. Levent Demirel, director of the Turkish Tourist Office in New York, confirmed the review. He would not identify the agencies, which are located mainly in New York and Canada. The account, estimated at $6 million, includes media, creative, public relations and marketing for North America. Chief among the client’s objectives is to “increase [Turkey’s] share in the international tourism market and develop the image of Turkey as a country of tourism,” according to the RFP, which is due back on Dec. 19. The tourism office seeks an agency that will emphasize the country’s “nature, culture, history, lifestyle, warm human nature [and] authenticism,” as well as “the harmonious combination of East-West, antique- modern oppositions,” the RFP states. The target market is people with a medium-to-high education and income level who travel frequently and crave a unique holiday experience. The latest print effort from the Minneapolis incumbent, which is expected to defend, targeted consumers ages 50 and up. It stressed self-improvement over self-indulgence by highlighting Turkey’s culture and history. The ads challenged people to “learn more.” Turkish Tourism spent about $4 million last year on U.S. measured media and $3 million for the first eight months of 2001, according to CMR.