Toro Power Curve Snowthrower: LET IT SNOW

AGENCY: CME.KHBB/Minneapolis
ART DIRECTOR: Bill Winchester
COPYWRITER: Jim Newcombe
CLIENT: The Toro Company/Minneapolis
In their first spot of the season for the Toro Power Curve Snowthrower, CME.KHBB wittily depicts the product’s ability to handle conditions that surpass the worst winter snowfall. The commercial, called ‘Avalanche,’ opens on a man cleaning his driveway with the Toro machine. Once finished, he parks it in the garage and slams the door, setting off an avalanche. The ‘snowball’ effect is humorously handled, with surreal yodeling on the soundtrack and a startled deer looking on. As the camera pulls back to reveal the house half-buried under snow, a voiceover says wryly, ‘It’s perfect for those times when it really comes down.’ A snowmaker produced 30 tons of snow for the commercial, and a post-production matte process was used to create the impression of a house nestled against a mountain range.
Copyright Adweek L.P. (1993)