Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Coca Cola ‘Polar Bears Film’

This six-minute short film starring the Coke polar bears tells the charming story of a family drama, without a single Coke bottle in sight.


Little Caesars ‘Office’

Barton F. Graf 9000's commercials for Little Caesars are supremely idiotic. In the latest one, the stupidity builds in stages, just as it does in every workplace.


Target ‘Bake Sale’

Target launched a new campaign for its groceries that parodies fashion advertising, with models in slow-motion vignettes showing off cake mixes, laundry detergent and fresh packaged meats.


DirecTV ‘What’s Cable Worse Than?’

Tom Kuntz sticks around to direct this new DirecTV ad from Grey, which posits that cable is more annoying than almost anything you can imagine.


New York Lottery ‘Thumb Wars’

This spot asks you to imagine, through the example of a thumb-war contest, the incredible, surreal feelings of heroic satisfaction you experience when your winnings are multiplied.


Burberry ‘Spring/Summer 2013’

Ten-year-old Romeo Beckham steals the show in this new spot from Burberry, hamming his way through the minute-long clip and literally running circles around his co-stars. 


The Sun ‘Big Smile Giveaway’

A girl with a mouth like an old hockey player sings about how awful the winter is after the holidays, and urges you to "smile through the pain" with a little help from The Sun.


Samsung Galaxy Note II ‘Office Upgrade’

A wily worker tries to exploit the Samsung Galaxy Note II's many office features, only to have the tables turned on her by a colleague, in this spot by 72andSunny.


McDonald’s ‘McBites’

McDonald's U.K. knows the truth about its food. It's cooked up on another planet and hurled Earthward, where humans embrace it with otherworldly fervor.


GameFly ‘Be Amazing’

Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin, who can seemingly do anything, hosts mock educational videos on "How to Be Amazing" for GameFly, the video-game rental service.