Tony The Tiger Does Hitchcock

Tony the Tiger and Alfred Hitchcock have likely never been mentioned on the same page. But the advertising icon takes a page from the auteur’s book by slinking into view only briefly in each of three new TV spots for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes from Leo Burnett in Chicago.
Directed by Christopher Guest (Waiting for Guffman), the ads take a mockumentary approach, profiling obsessive Frosted Flakes fans. Two spots introduce “Curtis,” a grocery clerk who “accidentally” breaks open boxes on delivery day and shows up hours early for work to arrange the store’s Frosted Flakes display.
Tony appears briefly behind a door in one spot and is seen walking in a far-off aisle in another. The third ad features groupies who stake out Kellogg’s headquarters hoping for a glimpse of Tony, who struts by in the background as they are talking to the camera.
The ads, which replace the long-running, adult-targeted “Shadows” campaign, break today. They continue the famous tag, “They’re gr-r-r-eat!”
–Aaron Baar