Tommy Hilfiger “L.A.”

Tommy Hilfiger strives to tell “American Stories” in a new global print, out-of-home and online campaign produced via its in-house creative team in tandem with Radical Media. The work is high-concept in that it seeks to present a “cinematic treatment of iconic American cities,” so, starting with Los Angeles, the nation’s film capital, makes sense. The oddly bland executions, unfortunately, should have been left on the cutting-room floor, as the spirit of L.A. is missing entirely, and the work looks as if it could have been shot almost anywhere. Cliches of the Hollywood scene — like a movie location trailer and actors holding scripts — might not even be immediately recognizable as such to consumers quickly flipping through the pages of magazines. Another take in a new setting is sorely needed. Here’s hoping Tommy’s act plays better on Broadway. -David Gianatasio