TiVo Signs 5 Brands for Tagged Spots

NEW YORK TiVo said five advertisers have signed on to use its service that allows TV viewers to interact with commercials.

Ameriquest, E*Trade, Nautilus, Novartis and Tylenol will add code to their TV commercials that will display a call to action when TiVo users watch or fast-forward through their ads. General Motors and The WB were the first announced advertisers for the new feature, launched two weeks ago.

Through the tagging feature, the 1 million TiVo Series2 subscribers who press the green thumbs-up button on their remote controls during tagged commercials to get more information. They are taken to a TiVo section with two-to five-minute commercial content, where consumers have the option to request further information, while TiVo pauses programming for later viewing. The advertising features are all user-initiated.

The ad-tagging feature is the latest step taken by TiVo’s in the development of its ad platform in light the fact that 71 percent of DVR owners use the device to zap through commercials, according to Jupiter Research.

The hub of TiVo’s ad offerings is TiVo Showcase, a section for long-form content that has been used by advertisers like Best Buy and BMW to attract viewers with branded entertainment and to generate leads.