TiVo Partners With Microsoft, Sonic, AMD

BOSTON TiVo today said it is collaborating with several leading technology companies to extend the TiVoToGo service enhancement, which allows portability across multiple devices.

The company began rolling out TiVoToGo to subscribers this week, and said it would work with Microsoft, Sonic Solutions and AMD to help consumers to take their entertainment with them wherever they go.

Now, TV programs stored on a TiVo box can be transferred to a Windows XP PC for playback on Windows Mobile devices, including Portable Media Centers, and media-capable Pocket PCs and Smart phones.

Sonic Solutions has also introduced the latest version of its MyDVD Studio line (version 6.1), a suite of software that lets users to record TiVo programming to DVDs for later viewing on disc players and computers worldwide.

And AMD has released a new embedded multimedia solution, the AMD Alchemy Au1200 processor, that enables the transfer of programming from TiVo boxes to portable devices built on that platform.

—Adweek staff report