Titan Sells Time on Six Flags TV

ATLANTA Six Flags Over Georgia here has hired The Titan Network to sell advertising on the amusement park’s video monitor system, the shop said.

The independent Atlanta shop will sell up to 25 minutes of advertising for every hour of programming broadcast over the in-park system. Prices for the ads vary, but a typical package of 15 ads, each 30 seconds in length, shown daily throughout the park’s season costs $70,000.

The park installed 25 high definition monitors this year in areas where people wait in lines. The programming on the screens includes music videos, park information, weather and news reports with space for the ads. The system was installed by Park Media of Memphis, Tenn.

“We hosted more than two million guests last year and have the ability to deliver to our advertisers unmatched reach to a large, captive audience,” said Melinda Ashcraft, vice president and general manager of the park. “The potential for advertisers to build targeted brand loyalty through our network is tremendous.”

Titan is focusing its efforts on automobile manufacturers and retailers, wireless telephone companies and media companies, said Tony DeMartino, the shop’s CEO. Titan is paid a commission for each ad it sells, he said. The agency had not sold any ads as of Tuesday.

Six Flags operates 30 parks across North America. The company is testing the system in Atlanta and will consider expanding it to other parks if it is profitable here.