Be warned. Creative Advertising: Ideas and Techniques From the World’s Best Campaigns is more than just a nice-to-look-at, easy-to-flip-through coffee-table book.

The author, direct marketing consultant Mario Pricken, has loftier goals—namely, to transform readers into top creatives by introducing them to a variety of creative techniques and ideas used in advertising.

The first section offers guidelines for working as a creative team and coming up with clear goals. But the heart of the book is Chapter 2, the “Kickstart Catalogue,” which poses an array of hypothetical questions to its readers and then shows examples—drawn from advertising from around the world—of effective and original answers.

For example, the question, “How can a benefit be represented by showing the opposite of what people expect?” appears by an ad created by BBDO in Lisbon, Portugal. The ad, for Whiskas cat food, features a photo of several dogs sitting in a tree, presumably after a cat chased them there.

Other chapters describe classic creative techniques, how to use humor to write copy and tips on visualization.

The 266-page book is published by Thames & Hudson in New York and will be available in bookstores in May.