TIAA-CREF Gets Personal in TV Spots

BOSTON Modernista! last week broke its second national campaign for TIAA-CREF, including five TV spots directed by Errol Morris, the agency said.

“The first phase of our campaign, launched last year during the Summer Olympics, helped raise greater awareness of the company,” said TIAA-CREF executive vice president Steve Goldstein, in a statement. “These new commercials put a face to TIAA-CREF and highlight those for whom we work everyday.”

The campaign consists of five commercials featuring a professor, doctor, nurse, groundskeeper and artist, and continues to use the tagline, “For the greater good,” which the Boston agency introduced in its first work for the client. The spots were directed by Morris, who also has helmed ads for Miller Brewing Company and Apple Computer, as well as the movies The Thin Blue Line and The Gates of Heaven.

In “Doctor,” a young physician is shown lying down on a hospital gurney for a quick nap until his beeper goes off and he’s back on duty again. The voiceover says, “For all the years of dedication, nights gone without sleep and lives you’ve touched, we exist to serve you. TIAA-CREF, helping to build the financial portfolios of those in the academic, medical, cultural and research fields.” Different variations of “Somewhere” by Stephen Sondheim and Leonard Bernstein play throughout each spot.

The campaign, which will run through 2005, also includes print, radio and online executions. The commercials will air during Good Morning America, The Today Show, West Wing, Cold Case and Dateline, among other network programs.

Creative credits include Lance Jensen and Gary Koepke as executive creative directors and Joe Fallon and Tim Vaccarino as creative directors.

Campaign spending is undisclosed.