There’s pampering and then there’s pampering. No doubt some people wish to wallow in luxury. But wallowing is a time-consuming process, ill-suited to our hectic era. What people want now is to take a moment of self-indulgence and make it feel like a full-fledged respite from life’s hassles. Promoting a line of bath, body and home products, this campaign deftly aligns itself with that attitude. Each execution features a woman in a bathtub. One ad carries the headline: “Solitary confinement is highly underrated.” Another, adding a rubber duck to the mix, remarks: “And to think you have to beg your kids to do this.” The ad shown here neatly settles the question that lurks when one decides whether to spend money (and time) on a treat: Do I deserve it? Every woman who reads this ad will feel she deserves one quite as much as Mr. Garage. If he can spend time out there with his useless tinkering, she owes it to herself to indulge in a leisurely soak. A tub of one’s own (with suitable accessories from Thymes) is the least an emancipated woman should demand from life.Agency

BBDO West,

San Francisco


Pioneer Electronics,

Long Beach, Calif.

Executive Creative Director

Ken Mandelbaum

Associate Creative Director/Art Director

Sakol Mongkolkasetarin

Associate Creative Director/Copywriter

Michael Barti



Rick Chou (inset)Agency

Gabriel Diericks

Razidlo, Minneapolis


The Thymes Ltd.,


Creative Director

Tom Gabriel

Art Director

Wayne Thompson


Doug deGrood

Production Manager

Kelli Staut