Boone/Oakley’s promotional work for Paramount Parks adds new twists to the traditional array of Halloween frights.

The print and outdoor project for the theme park operator’s Caro-winds and King’s Island venues’ “Scarowinds” and “FearFest” fall festivals revolves around a “Scary … Scarier” theme.

“Scary” billboard messages, for example, include “Anna Nicole Smith,” “Seeing your parents naked,” “Warm toilet seats,” “Sushi in Kansas” and “OJ is dating your sister.”

On the billboards, which do not display visuals, FearFest and Scarowinds represent the “Scarier” category.

Print ads, set to run in Charlotte, N.C., and Kansas City, Mo., newspapers beginning Oct. 1, are in development.

The Charlotte, N.C., shop’s John Boone and David Oakley served as creative directors. The art director was David Mimaki; copywriter was Ryan Coleman.

Barkley Evergreen & Partners in Kansas City remains lead agency on the account.

In North Carolina, one of the “Scary” items is Ray Wooldridge, the owner of the Charlotte Hornets who moved the franchise to New Orleans. The twist? Wooldridge is an ex-Boone/Oakley client.