Thompson Invests in Nashville’s Image III

ATLANTA Image III and Thompson & Company have formed a limited partnership that will do business as White, Thompson, Cunningham and Regen.

The new agency in Nashville, Tenn., will operate from Image III’s offices. Thompson in Memphis, Tenn., will keep its name and continue to operate as a stand-alone company.

Yvette White, who founded Image III 20 years ago, will be chief executive officer of the venture. T&C’s Michael Thompson becomes chairman, and Image III executives Roger Cunningham and Doug Regen will serve as president and chief operating officer and executive vice president, respectively. Additionally, T&Co. president Robert Vornbrok will serve as vice chairman of WTC&R.

White said the partnership marked a commitment to the next generation. “It elevates the partners that are already here,” she said, referring to Cunningham and Regen. “This is an opportunity for Roger and Doug to get the credit they deserve.”

Combined billings for the enterprise are $55 million.

“This is not about Thompson and Company moving into Nashville, but about investing in another agency in another market and growing that,” said Thompson.

White said the investment gives T&C an agency with experience in healthcare and “systems thinking.”

“We do a lot of work with multiple-location companies,” said White, whose $8 million agency handles work for Singer Sewing Company in North America, which sells machines from more than 700 locations, and mass merchandisers such as Target and Walmart. Other clients include Saint Thomas Health Services, a unit of Ascension Health Care in St. Louis, First Tennessee and EJ Footwear.