Think You Know Whisky? Glenfiddich Thinks You’re Wrong

Rokkan rolls out first work for brand

You might think you know what a whisky drinker looks like or what a good glass of whisky tastes like, but Glenfiddich would tell you you're stereotyping—and that you're wrong.

In its latest campaign for Glenfiddich Bourbon Barrel Reserve 14 Year Old, "Rethink Whisky," the brand partnered with agency Rokkan to show people how different and unique the product is from others on the market from. The company places the drink in American ex-bourbon oak casks at its Scotland distillery, where it matures for 14 years and develops a flavor that combines "woody spices with ripe summer fruit tones," according to Glenfiddich.

"Glenfiddich Bourbon Barrel Reserve 14 Year Old is bold, elegant and delicious, but it's also different from your traditional Scotch whisky," Michael Giardina, Glenfiddich senior brand manager, said in a statement. "We wanted this campaign to challenge stereotypes about single malt Scotch and introduce Glenfiddich to a new generation of whisky drinkers."

"Rethink Whisky" marks Rokkan's first work for the brand as its digital agency of record. The agency created four online spots, each focusing on a different stereotype.

"[The campaign] is sort of leaning into where you expect Scotch to come from and the types of people drinking Scotch and the flavors you expect it to have or the occasions you would drink it at," Brian Carley, chief creative officer at Rokkan, told Adweek. "We wanted to turn those on their head a little bit." 

One spot, which features a father and daughter who own their own custom guitar shop, is meant to focus on the misconception about the kinds of people who drink whisky (i.e., not jut older men).

Another spot—possibly the best of the bunch—features a baller Aunt Evie sitting in her luxurious armchair with a statue of a dog on her left. It's meant to show that flavors you might expect to find in "Aunt Betty's apple cobbler" can actually be found in a good whisky, according to Carley.

The final spot challenges when it's appropriate to crack open a bottle of whisky. You might think whisky should be reserved for fancy members-only clubs, but why not pour yourself a glass at a backyard barbeque?

"Overall, we will elevate the brand and create an instance where the brand becomes more top of mind for everybody but also for people that have specific palates and specific tastes," Carley said. "It allows us to lean into those too." 


Agency: Rokkan

Chief Creative Officer: Brian Carley

Chief Strategy Officer: Sean Miller

SVP, Chief Delivery Officer: Joe Tao

SVP, Client Partnership: Matt Garcia

Creative Director: Jeffrey Samson

Creative Director: Anthony DiPaula

Art Director: Jacqueline Mellow

Copywriter: Mike Maher

Executive Producer: Greg Tharp

Producer: Sarah Donnenberg

Producer: Tina Lam

VP Client Partnership: Kaitlyn Brenner

Account Supervisor: Zack Stoller

Associate Director, Strategy: Emily Garvey

Strategist: Rafael Ramirez

Production: Decon

Executive Producer: Misha Louy

Head of Production: Brian Turner

Director: JEAN

Producer: Mark Miner

Post: Fluid

Editor: Peter Sabatino

Executive Producer: Laura Relovsky