Thick in the Head?

More news from the Department of Deranged Ad Ideas: A Pennsylvania man says he will tattoo a corporate logo on his bald noggin in exchange for cash.

Brandon Wertz, who lives, appro priately enough, in Erie, Pa., has set up to explain himself and solicit bids.

“It’s a true and completely legitimate offer,” Wertz tells Shoptalk. A glance at the site confirms this. “It came to be that my head could be used for less personal uses [than] my own vanity,” he explains. “I must take into account the humiliation I must suffer. And it’s nearly impossible to put a price on that. Right now I’m just hearing offers.”

He initially floated $50,000 as a starting price and has developed a list of companies he would like to sponsor, including Intel and Yahoo! The list does not yet include

The best part of is the feedback page. “50K is a lot of money, especially for Pa., and works out to about $137 a day, so it’s definitely better than working retail,” writes one visitor. Says another: “Your Web site and ambition have inspired me to re-examine my current employment situation and future. However, I do not see myself as a walking billboard.” A third sums up, simply, “Best of luck to you. Today Jesus is proud.”