They Know Where You Live. Really.

When Bill Brokaw Advertising was tapped by another Cleveland company, Info-Data, to handle a direct mail campaign, the agency did not have to ask who referred them: Info-Data is a small group of licensed private investigators who specialize in pre-employment, nanny and even date screening.
Brokaw chose to prey on people’s darkest fears in a series of ads featuring seemingly innocuous folk, with a magnifying glass revealing their real identities. One ad (shown here) features a pearl-earringed, white sweater-wearing nanny. The magnifying glass, however, shows dominatrix gear beneath her cozy wool exterior. A clean-cut job candidate is revealed as a former convict, complete with prison jumpsuit and handcuffs. In another, a closer look shows that beneath the pressed Oxford of a potential beau lies a dragon tattoo.
“We’d really appreciate you sharing this campaign with your readers,” the agency said in a letter to Adweek. “Of course, if you don’t, we’ll just get our client to dig up some dirt on you. Thanks.” –Sloane Lucas