There’s No Brewhaha

You didn’t expect Clint Eastwood to make a salad dressing, did you?” That’s the line from McKinney & Silver’s first print ad for Eastwood’s Pale Rider Ale.
The ad, which will run in magazines in the Southwest and West where Pale Rider has been test marketed, is a good-humored jab at Eastwood’s friend, Paul Newman, actor and philanthropic salad dressing maker.
While the work positions the microbrew as a manly product–like the cowboy it is named after–Raleigh, N.C.-based McKinney felt it should ask Newman if he would get his knickers in a twist over the ad.
Newman responded: “We wish Clint all the best with Pale Rider Ale. In fact, we’re glad he didn’t choose to make a salad dressing!”
The ale is produced at Celis Brewery in Austin, Texas, for the actor, who contributed to the recipe. Pale Rider is available in California, Texas, Colorado and New Mexico.
–Nora FitzGerald