There’s a Dr. Angus in the BK House

NEW YORK Add to the ever-expanding pantheon of Burger King commercial characters—office workers, the Subservient Chicken, Ugoff—another: Dr. Angus, a diet guru who champions the fast-food chain’s new Angus Steakburger.

In a new Crispin Porter + Bogusky spot that broke this week, Dr. Angus speaks to an audience about the Angus Diet, which revolves around BK’s Angus Steakburger. “Tear down the walls between you and the Angus!” Dr. Angus, bursting with energy and dressed in a white shirt and a black vest, cries. “Respect the Angus, respect the beef.”

“We’ve been pretty successful developing characters and content. It’s not a rule to go by, but it’s something we always have in mind,” said Rob Reilly, associate creative director at the Miami shop. “There’s been so much talk about diets, every time you turn on the TV. … I think we saw Dr. Angus and the Angus Diet concept as one of those ideas we could leverage against what’s going on in the world. It was a great way of introducing the product. The character becomes shorthand for the product.”

British comedian Harry Enfield, who also directed the spot, portrays Dr. Angus. “He was a natural, someone who could get into the character quickly,” Reilly said.

There will be two additional 60-second spots and four 15-second spots in the campaign, which directs consumers to a Web site, The shop also plans to sell a Dr. Angus Diet book, which will be available on the Web site and sold during a direct-response spot.

Campaign credits go to Alex Bogusky, executive creative director; Andrew Keller, creative director; Evan Fry, copywriter; and John Parker, and art director.