Then Came Bronfman

Edgar Bronfman Jr., president and chief executive officer of Seagram Co., Ltd., blasted network executives, cable system operators and other broadcasters for rebuffing the company’s efforts to advertise hard liquor on their stations. Speaking to the Advertising Club of Los Angeles last Wednesday, Bronfman (shown here) vowed to continue buying spot time for the ads on TV and radio stations.
“What we expect to see … is a gradual process in which more and more television and radio stations and networks will agree to carry our ads,” he told an audience of about 550. “We expect this advertising to be a significant addition to our marketing efforts.”
Bronfman declined to say how much more the company will spend on advertising.
In 1996, Seagram broke a 48-year-old self-imposed industry ban on advertising hard liquor over the airwaves by airing an ad for Crown Royal scotch brand on NBC’s Corpus Christi, Texas, affiliate. The commercials have since aired on 107 TV stations in 51 markets and on 300 radio stations in 119 markets. –Angela Dawso