The Unique CEO-CMO Collaboration Between Exos' Sarah Robb O'Hagan and Liz Austin

How the executives work together to drive business and brand growth

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From her early days, Sarah Robb O’Hagan has been a trailblazer in the world of marketing. Before she took the helm at brands like Equinox and Gatorade, she rose through the ranks in marketing, working her way up to marketing director at Nike.

As CEO of fitness coaching platform Exos, her extensive background in marketing continues to shape her leadership approach.

“It makes me feel so much more confident when I have an amazing CMO because I can say, ‘OK, I’m out of there now,’ because I know I’ve got a great leader,” she said. “I genuinely find now I enjoy the integration of understanding all of the pieces.”

Robb O’Hagan’s background means she has a deep understanding of marketing that enables her to speak the same language as her team, setting the stage for exceptional collaboration.

Working for a CEO that’s been CMO “is such a gift,” said Liz Austin, CMO of Exos. “Sarah gives me a lot of leeway, but there are times I want her counsel because of her background and working for these amazing brands and her consumer sensibility. She’s a terrific thought partner when we’re trying to solve gnarly issues.”

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