Texans’ Bedtime Stories Lose to Mattress Specialist

DALLAS Mattress Firm has awarded broadcast creative and media duties for its estimated $25 million account to Destination Marketing, sources said.

The Mountain Lake Terrace, Wash.-based shop, which specializes in mattress advertising, won the business in an informal review that included Fogarty Klein Monroe and Rives Carlberg, both of Houston, sources said. Also participating was Brann Worldwide in Dallas, which has handled the client’s print creative since July, and at least one undisclosed shop, sources said.

The Houston-based client has used an undisclosed production house in Atlanta for broadcast creative and Asher Media, Dallas, for its broadcast media buying. Asher is expected to continue to buy media for most of Mattress Firm’s eight franchisees.

The client handles print media buying in-house. Brann is expected to continue handling the print creative.

Sources said a larger percentage of the client’s media expenditures goes to print over broadcast.

Sun Mattress, an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners of Boca Raton, Fla., acquired Mattress Firm in October. The bedding retailer has stores in 39 markets.

The client spent $17 million on advertising from January through September last year and $25 million in 2001, according to CMR.

Mattress Discounters Stores is among the former clients of Destination, which was formerly known as The Marketeers.

Neither the client nor Destination could be reached for comment.