Tequiza Gets Its Shot

Waylon’s Ads to Support A-B’s Tequila Beer
CHICAGO–Anheuser-Busch will herald the national rollout of Tequiza, a new beer that boasts a hint of tequila, with a campaign from Waylon Ad in St. Louis.
The agency will create print, radio and outdoor ads for the St. Louis brewer, said Colleen Beckemeyer, director of new products at A-B. The print work will include a full-page ad in USA Today on Feb. 8; the radio will include some spots targeting the Hispanic market.
Waylon’s work will continue the “Give it a shot” theme that debuted in regional markets last year. The radio spots, however, will use the song “Tequila”–first made popular by The Champs, and used humorously as a dance number in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure–but with the lyrics changed to “Tequiza.”
Tequiza was introduced in a handful of Southern bars in the summer of 1997, and was extended to Florida, Texas and New York-area markets last year. The national introduction continues A-B’s efforts to counter rising sales by Mexican brands such as Corona.
Waylon’s earlier print and outdoor ads employed Southwestern imagery while alluding to the hint of blue agave –a flavoring ingredient in premium tequila–in every bottle of the beer. The new ads continue the Southwestern theme by asking drinkers to “crack the whip on boring beer” and suggesting Tequiza has “a taste that takes you by surprise.”
While it contains a hint of tequila, Tequiza’s alcohol content keeps it within the malt beverage group and subject to that category’s ad guidelines.